What is SmartChain?

Smartchain is a cloud based platform that connects you to your customers and suppliers to provide realtime alerts and collaboration across your workflows.

Easily connect your existing software or use Smartchain?s workflows to get real-time visibility of important events for you and your customers
Share important information and collaborate with your customers and suppliers, so stuff gets done on time without cost blowouts.
Track and report on your important metrics to stay on top of your workflows and understand your costs.
Why Smartchain

Smartchain provides everyone with the visibility, collaboration and automation required to deliver on time and to budget.

See the Process
  • Transparency and Accountability – See key events as they happen and know the next steps and who is responsible.

  • Communicate and Collaborate – Easily chat and collaborate with the right people from your customers and partners to get work done.

  • Workflow Automation and Integration– Smartchain is a hub for workflows that span across your business and supply chain. Link in your existing systems or use Smartchain native workflows.

  • Understand your costs– See the detail of what it’s costing you to deliver your products and services. Find hidden costs, understand your profitability and take action.

The Process

A platform that supports Transparency, Collaboration and Workflows throughout your business and supply chain.


Enable your customers to easily request what they need while supporting them with the right information to make the right decisions.


Track and Share the steps required to deliver your products and services to your customers. Everyone is accountable for the steps they need to do.


Report on activities, review your key metrics and continuously improve your operations.

Our Integrations

We're regularly adding more...